for a thriving community.
Connexus for a Thriving Community.

Connexus/Thriving: Recover Your Life is an innovative and comprehensive life training program comprised of 3 different modules that will help you:

  • learn skills to engage God in order to grow spiritually
  • recover from painful addictions, trauma and attachment pain
  • learn to create community and healthy relationships around you
  • discover how to experience the presence of God in a way that heals
  • experience how God can heal the barriers that we put up in our relationships

It all begins with a book study called Joy Starts Here: the transformation zone
Check it out below!

JOYStreamTM is where you will find all TRYL webinars 


One of the most unique and exciting elements of Connexus/Thriving: Recover Your Life is that it brings people of all levels of maturity together to build a joyful healing community. This is one aspect of our program that you won't find anywhere else. Participants heal and grow by building joy in the context of secure, healthy relationships with God and others. As joy b
uilds, they are better able to handle distress and increasingly able to live from their heart.

Connexus/Thriving: Recover Your Life incorporates the latest advances in neuroscience with the Life Model concepts and the 19 relationship skills needed to thrive. This program is revolutionizing churches, recovery programs and other ministries all over the world. We are extending an invitation to partner with us in spreading this treasure.


Watch Ed Khouri talk about "The Future of Recovery"

(approx. 20 minute video)




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