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TM are basically streaming online programing. We will use
JOYStreamsTM just like other places use "webinars" and "podcasts" and "mp3 downloads". Our goal with JOYStreamsTM is to provide you with a place to go online to get fresh information and tips for training that will restore you back to JOY! We will offer JOYStreamsTM for Connexus leaders, participants, and "curious", as well as for pastors interested in Life Model applications for their church.

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Upcoming LIVE JOYStreamsTM (formerly known as Webinars)


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Previously Recorded JOYStreamsTM   (mp3 downloads!)

We have simplified this recording and broken it down into 4 smaller audio only segments! You can download right after purchasing and begin listening right away! 

Listen to the best introduction and overview of the approach that Thriving (Connexus)  is using for addiction! In this video Ed Khouri incorporates elements of Restarting, Belonging and Healing.

In addition, this is a great introduction to "what is addiction and how does it work." The illustrations and examples are simple, clear and free of confusing jargon. It presents a pretty good overview of brain science and addiction, but doesn't use technical/clinical language. It is a great intro for beginniners, and because it is rooted in neuroscience and the study of addiction, it is also a good tool for professionals, pastors and counselors. It is an approach that Christians can appreciate - and secular people can understand.

This teaching is important because it doesn't just provide a simple description for addiction - it contains simple, easy to use prescriptions to help the brain heal.

$5 Session 1:

In this segment of “I’m Wired for Relationships and I Want My Brain Back!” Ed Khouri introduces the audience to understanding addiction and recovery. His engaging teaching style will tackle this subject in a whole new way. His fresh, creative analogy of our brain in addictions as “losing our human” and becoming a “T-rex” will walk you through how our brain is designed for joy and quiet, the control center of the brain, & the power of cravings and BEEPS. (Behaviors, events, experiences, people or substances we attach to in place of healthy relationships with God and other people).

Time: 1 hour 15 minutes

$5 Session 2:

In Session 2 of “I’m Wired for Relationships and I Want My Brain Back!” Ed Khouri continues his introduction of understanding addiction and recovery.  Here he will go more in depth about shalom, appreciation, and relational capacity, and you’ll learn how and why BEEPS take over the control center and fuel addictions. You’ll start to develop a picture of how to “reset your nervous system”. His explanations about “Relational Circuits” make so much sense you won’t realize he’s teaching you brain science!

Time: 1 hour

$5 Session 3:

In this portion of “I’m Wired for Relationships and I Want my Brain Back!” you will learn all about how to get “your human back”.  With a solid foundation of understanding how addictions work, this teaching focuses on recovery. Ed Khouri will walk you through teachings on Shalom, Appreciation, and relational capacity as tools for recovery. Then he will arm you with how to restore your Relational Circuits when they fail…a KEY element to handling cravings! (This involves recognizing when they begin to dim using the RC checklist and quieting with Shalom for my Body exercises which are demonstrated and practiced LIVE)

Time: 1 hour 17 minutes

$5 Session 4:

In the final segment of the “I’m Wired for Relationships and I Want My Brain Back!” presentation Ed Khouri starts off with a discussion on codependency in response to a question that was asked during the break. After that he resumes his discussion on quieting. He leads the audience through the all-important “Shalom for my Soul and Heart” exercise as well as the Shalom for my Cravings worksheet.  He returns the discussion back to appreciation (the 1st step in restoring RCs) and helps the audience to invite Immanuel into appreciation with them and creates space for interaction between Immanuel and each individual. You can use this portion of the recording to enter into your own Immanuel experience!

Time: 1 hour 27 minutes




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